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What to Expect when you become a Computer Programmer

When you make the decision to become a computer programmer it will depend on your field of expertise on how much you can expect to earn.  On average, the pay for a programmer is about $72,000 a year, or about $34 an hour. Programmers write the instructions for computers to follow to generate the programs developed by designers and engineers. It could be a data base program, a video game or even a program that analysis how the computer is functioning.

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Taking Control of Your Future with Grad Power

Your future starts from the moment you threw your graduation cap to the air and the search for a career opportunity is about to begin. You are now about to shape your own future, bringing with you the skills you have developed through the years, and the innate talent that will surely bring you to places. But apart from your comprehensive resume, impressive transcript of records, and confident personality, you also need a search guide to provide you a list of the most competitive companies in your industry.

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